Viral World.

The concept of viral has become ubiquitous in modern society, and it has a significant impact on almost every aspect of our lives. In the digital age, we have seen how the spread of viral content can change the world in a matter of seconds. Whether it is a video, a meme, or a news story, the ability to go viral can create an enormous ripple effect, changing the way we think, feel, and behave – Not to mention pandemic.

Overall, when a bad virus spreads, it can modify everything in its front, from the way people live and work to the structures of entire societies. The effects of a virus can be felt on multiple levels, from individual health to global economies.

With this project I tried to put this idea to test very briefly by building visuals from the symbol. The idea of modification that things go through when infected. What if, everything we know was mixed up and we couldn't tell what's is what? Information wouldn't be reliable.

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