Renato W. Gomes

Renato is an economist, business consultant and partner at the accounting
and business consulting firm WGSA®. He wanted to bring to corporate boards
and professionals in financial departments an impacting and clear message
about financial planning alongside to the provision of accounting and tax
economy services.

The new visual should convey this atmosphere of planning, technical thinking,
control, professionalism, a mind behind a plan, and also for the symbol the
idea of keeping the most important thing for a business to stay functioning:
the financial wealth. 

Year: 2021

The symbol represents the idea of running a business. As the person
sometimes have to push forward (1) and accelerate things, or to take
a strategical break eventually (2), maybe to figured things out.

He also might need to take a step back (3) to evaluate and re-think his
next move and perhaps only then it is time to go up (4) again and bring
that full energy to start running again.

All these strategies and planning to keep intact and protected (5) the
financial wealth of his company. (6) Gestalt.

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