Since 1965, IBEP has been an editorial group with genuinely Brazilian capital, specialized in quality teaching materials. As presented by them, the mission of its creators was to renew the books distributed in schools across the country, producing beautiful teaching materials for teachers and students in the classroom.

In 2021, we were able to rethink the brand's communication with them, rescuing its history and preparing it for the new challenges of the future.


The company would like to renew the brand without losing the main essence of the original design, the representation of the turning of a page. However, they were sure they wanted different colors. And within the context of turning the page, we find several new meanings favorable and in line with the current phase of Ibep – a change in favor of a better future.

The result is a project with modern features while respecting the brand's tradition. It is a visual system that is easy to recognize, reproduce, and which facilitates the expansion of the brand within the digital universe.

Design Direction: Walter Mattos
Graphic Design: Walter Mattos, Iure Figueira, Everton Gargioni

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